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Flint Lighter

8.0cm Disposable Bottle Opening Flint lighter

Item No.: WP13
8.0cm Bottle Opener Lighter

WP13, 8.0cm bottle opener lighter, is characterized by 
1) classical opener lighter,
2) Fire and safe bottle opener construction,
3) made of international branded raw AS for lighter,
4) 0。3mm thickness windshield made by branded steel tape,
5) adjustable flame,  
6) easy-assembling construction

Basic Packing
50 pieces/box, 20 boxes/carton, 1050 cartons/20 feet container
Quality Guarantee
Pass 55 degrees constent temperature test
Pass 2 minutes burning test

Pass 4 hours salt mist test
Pass 700 times ignition test
Less rejected rate than 1%
Export documents certificated by EEIQB

Recommended Market
East South Asia, East Europe etc.
Customizable Component
Windshield Shape, Color, Logo
Body Tank Any transparent colors, Translucent colors, Opaque colors
Painting Frost, Rubber, Crack, Metal, Peachskin, Crystal Finish
Printing 2 colors, 4 colors or any complicated picture by different printing technique
Packing Sticker, Shrink PVC, PE wrapper, Blister card, Box, Carton
Operating Force Regular, CR

Gas Bottle


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